Stop Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct
Within the Workplace.

Awareness Training, Specialist Consultancy, Investigatory Services and
Keynote Speakers

We are a unique, specialist consultancy established to prevent sexual misconduct, sexual harassment,
and sexual assault in all organisations and industries by providing expert and sensitive advice, awareness training and investigatory services.
Our name says exactly what we do: nothing more, nothing less.


Stop Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct
Within the Workplace.

Awareness Training, Specialist Consultancy, Investigatory Services and
Keynote Speakers

We are a unique, specialist consultancy established to prevent sexual misconduct, sexual harassment,
and sexual assault in all organisations and industries by providing expert and sensitive advice, awareness training and investigatory services.
Our name says exactly what we do: nothing more, nothing less.


A Specialist Solution for Businesses, Organisations, Academic and Medical Institutions, only trades with organisations, not private individuals, our specialist, highly-skilled team has the expertise to promote the safety and wellbeing of the workforce in all organisations and institutions.

The law and procedure relating to sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and sexual offences are notoriously complex. They are often misunderstood and can provoke extreme anxiety for all parties involved. Nevertheless, the fact that they occur in the workplace, adds greater complexity and uncertainty. 

Regularly, we read about someone who has made an allegation, or someone who has been accused of some form of sexual misconduct. Yet, except in the more obvious cases, people are unsure of where offensive or inappropriate behaviour ends and what constitutes as sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and sexual assault: we are operating in a maze. 

It is time for more clarity and direction. This is why has risen to the challenge of actively promoting values of respect and appropriate behaviour within the workplace. 

As more people are speaking out and beginning to question this complex matter, many are concerned and unsure of how to tackle the issue, and they struggle to manage it effectively which often leads to an inappropriate defensive response. 

Within an organisation or institution, a single allegation can immediately raise difficult and complex questions about the future of the employment relationship, criminal liability and regulatory responsibilities. Furthermore, if the process is mishandled, it can expose an employer to legal risk and serious reputational damage. It can also lead to a victim suffering from a range of mental, emotional and physical health issues, and this can result in lower productivity, absenteeism, an increase in employee turnover, and legal costs. For an accused employee, the allegation may be sufficient to cause significant and lasting career, as well as reputational, damage.

Sexual misconduct allegations can range from sex and sexual harassment to workplace relationships with an imbalance of power or status, and issues of consent.

Reporting a sexual misconduct allegation, requires the courage and persistence of victims who deserve the best support and advice that is available. Reporting on behalf of someone, or coercing them to report an allegation, can risk causing destructive emotional trauma, a loss of evidence, or angry repercussions if the process is not as they expected.

Alternatively, a belief that if anything untoward has happened ‘it should be reported,’ can cause people to lessen what the impact has been on the victim, and sometimes there is no understanding of the process or pitfalls involved. As a result, there is a complete lack of support and advice for the victim. In this scenario, reporting may become less likely, the allegation is unchallenged, and the alleged perpetrator believes that their sense of entitlement was well-founded.

The destructive and distracting effects of discrimination, harassment, and undermining behaviour are amplified by a sexual context. Understanding and supporting allegations of sexual misconduct is essential for the wellbeing and safety of colleagues and for the organisation or institution to maintain a high-quality reputation.

At, we offer specialist and unique consultancy, awareness training, and investigatory services that will support your organisation or industry in preventing sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. So why not contact us today to discuss how we can help?


Our People has been established because we are committed to creating and promoting a positive ethos and culture within the workplace. We have the expertise and specialist knowledge to maximise your ability to successfully achieve this ambition.

As a unique consultancy firm, we specialise in stopping and preventing sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and sexual assault – all of which are notoriously complex matters. Our team is employed full time and comprises of former sex crimes prosecutors, expert legal advisors, a former headteacher, and a former senior specialist trained police officer. With over 90 years of combined experience in the field of dealing with sexual misconduct, our team has built a vast knowledge of this chosen sector spanning over 30 years. 

We are registered with Companies House as being able to carry out: Public Relations and Communications Activities (SIC Code 70210), Investigation Activities (SIC Code 80300), Educational Support Services (SIC Code 85600) and Justice and Judicial Activities (SIC Code 84230). 

Furthermore, we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office ZB534072.

In addition, our experts are fluent in the law and procedure on all Sexual Offences Acts, Equality Act, Mental Capacity Act, Criminal Procedures Investigations Act, Private Security Industry Act and safeguarding issues along with Achieving Best Evidence protocols. Every team member has undertaken Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. 

Our team has many years of traceable experience in representing people who have suffered all types of sexual allegations, and we have dealt with a wide range of sexual misconduct matters by providing consultancy and awareness training, and by carrying out investigations for various institutions and organisations nationwide. Our consultants have advised on high-profile cases, published many articles and appeared on national television. We also have a vast knowledge of dealing with civil, criminal, and appeal court cases involving sexual allegation matters.

Our team has previously been involved in some of the most important test cases relating to sexual offences and have constantly fought to promote and preserve the rights of innocent people whether they are the victim or the accused.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Why work with us?

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your people. We will help you to fulfil this duty effectively and to invest in your organisation’s future. We are happy to discuss your challenges and how we can deliver a solution that offers you peace of mind. consultants are highly experienced practitioners who are dedicated to creating and promoting a workplace with a positive ethos and culture. When it comes to a situation involving a sexual allegation, there is no issue that is too complex for us to handle – or that we haven’t seen before.

Nevertheless, prevention is far more effective than cure. With this in mind, we are committed  to upskilling your employees, and the management and HR teams. We will provide training programmes and development opportunities to fulfil the current and future needs of your company and offer insights that support your long-term success.

Working with benefits your business, your reputation, and your employees. By committing to the wellbeing of your employees and tackling toxic behaviour, you will:

  • reduce business risk and avoid reputational costs.
  • prevent legal ramifications.
  • demonstrate the values of your company.
  • enrich your organisation’s culture.
  • improve productivity, retention and job satisfaction.

No matter what challenges your organisation is facing, our expertise, experience, and specialist knowledge enables us to provide you with a bespoke service. We aim to respond quickly, offering effective and outcome-focused advice which is mindful of cost and reputational issues.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Our Ethos

We have built our firm on the ethos that we will act ethically, fairly and in a socially responsible way with regards to our clients, workforce, and the wider community to ensure meaningful and respectful communication.

As part of this commitment:

  • We are prepared to take the financial risk of pursuing difficult and challenging test cases that help to preserve and promote the rights of sexual abuse sufferers and innocent parties.
  • We promote and preserve the broader rights of sexual misconduct sufferers. Our consultants actively support local and national organisations that assist sexual abuse sufferers in the legal, social, health and research fields.
  • We will not act in a way that could undermine the rights of sexual abuse sufferers.

Our relationship with our clients will not end with the conclusion of the service that we provided. Our consultants will always be available to support our clients if they want us. 

We will strive to assist anyone, not just our clients, who contacts us with concerns about sexual abuse (whether it happened in the past or is currently happening). We are able to discuss their legal rights, provide advice or offer further options. 

We take our obligations seriously and act professionally in the way that we operate and conduct ourselves. We have equally the same passion about protecting and defending our team against verbal abuse, harassment and false allegations made by anyone. Occasionally, we may anger individuals by not doing what they wanted, or by stopping a case when the evidence has supported that they were truly guilty. There are some people who have issues that cause them to be displeased no matter what is done; they can become angry and hit out at everyone. Under those circumstances, they may seek to push the blame towards a visible target as a way of dealing with their anguish. It is part of the complex territory that we are dealing with, and we accept it. Our ethos is to work with compassion and empathy in our endeavours to maximise your ability to successfully achieve the ambition of eradicating sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

Unique Company 

Which handles sexual misconduct cases face to face. Other companies may try and automate the service that they offer, leaving you to do the work for them.

We believe the key to a successful business is through providing friendly and accessible support from a team of dedicated and knowledgeable experts. We could be at the end of a phone or video call, or a simple email, to answer your questions and help guide you through the process.

We are here to make your business run more smoothly, to provide a key service that you can trust which will allow you to continue achieving your goals whilst we look after this notoriously complex subject for you.

If there is something you would like us to review, then please contact us: we’re not here to tell you how to run your business… we’re here to help you.

and finally…

We’re sure you’ll find us a little different! You’ll always find us approachable and friendly to have a conversation with, and we’re down to earth, so we won’t bamboozle you with jargon! is here to provide a professional service that can make a huge, positive difference to your business and one that won’t break the bank.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help.


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