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Our sexual misconduct consultancy team, accredited awareness training facilitators and highly specified and distinctive experienced award-winning investigatory team include former sex crimes prosecutors, expert legal advisors and former senior specialist trained police officers. They have the expertise to assist any organisation, medical institution, private, public and state schools, colleges, and universities in addressing the highly emotive matters as a result of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

While the complexity and uncertainty surrounding the interpretation and implementation of the provisions of the new Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010) Act 2023 may initially appear daunting, it’s important to recognise that solutions exist to address these challenges. stopsexualmisconduct.co.uk offers invaluable assistance to employers navigating through this intricate terrain. By providing comprehensive resources, expert guidance, and tailored support, the platform empowers employers to confidently interpret the nuances of the new act and navigate through potential uncertainties.

stopsexualmisconduct.co.uk has the background, experience and competencies to deal effectively with various issues related to sexual misconduct in the workplace, including rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, domestic abuse, intimate partner violence, stalking and child bullying. Our extensive services cater for all of your needs, including awareness training and one-off investigations into these incredibly complex matters to promote the safety and wellbeing of its workforce against sexual misconduct in the workplace.


Through clear and accessible information stopsexualmisconduct.co.uk equips employers with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure compliance with the new regulations while mitigating the risk of missteps. Rather than viewing complexity as a barrier, employers can leverage the expertise and support offered by stopsexualmisconduct.co.uk to navigate through this process effectively, fostering a workplace culture that prioritises respect, safety, and equality for all.

As a dedicated team of experts, our position allows us to be flexible and respond to the individual needs of your business – whatever its size and budget. It enables us to offer you a bespoke programme as well as tailored guidance on strategy and policy for the unique needs of your business.

Our guidance policies provide a benchmark that all organisations should attain.

Making sure that our specialist, highly skilled team are involved in the setting up and implementation of your ‘Prevent Sexual Misconduct Policy,’ can help ensure that the workplace environment is non-discriminatory, safe and respectful for all, and that a cooperative culture is established to promote the safety and wellbeing of the workforce in all organisations and institutions. By prioritising your company’s commitment to stopping sexual misconduct in the workplace, you can increase the involvement and engagement of all staff. Thus, delivering maximum impact for your employees and providing the highest quality for your business.

An effective ‘Prevent Sexual Misconduct Policy’ will aim to:

  • Provide the guidance needed to eradicate any sex-discriminatory practices.
  • Protect people against bias or preference to race, colour, religion, sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, politics, military service status, disabled and younger people or other protected characteristics. Sexual harassment is often linked with other forms of discrimination.
  • Protect employees who have less secure work contracts as often sexual harassment can be linked with a workplace power imbalance experienced by those in casual or precarious forms of work.
  • Highlight your company’s commitment to valuing your staff and to tackling discrimination in all its forms.
  • Improve recruitment and retention for your company. Agreeing good and fair practices for all will advertise the benefits of being a part of your organisation.
  • Highlight how your organisation has expert communication skills when dealing with employees.
  • Reduce the number of sex discrimination and sexual harassment cases that would require representation by stopsexualmisconduct.co.uk.

When engaging with our policy service, we require all of those who we work with to be familiar with our standards, explanatory guidance, and the law governing their work, and to be able to explain and justify their decisions and actions should they be required to do so at either an employment tribunal or a court of law or both.

Obtain objective results from independent monitoring

How effectively is your organisation complying with its policies and procedures on issues regarding sexual misconduct in the workplace?

How do you ensure that your business is acting in accordance with statutory laws?

We can serve as an independent monitor to:

  • Evaluate your organisation’s compliance with its protocols and procedures.
  • Assess its efforts to reduce sexual misconduct in the workplace.
  • Appraise the extent to which your organisation provides an effective structure to allow for anonymous reporting of related incidents.

Investigating Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace

Sexual misconduct can manifest in a huge variety of forms and settings. We can investigate them all.

You will work with a seasoned team that has been investigating and supervising cases for over 35 years, which have involved sexual assault and harassment, stalking, workplace violence, online predators, illegal surveillance, and child exploitation material. This extensive background ensures we approach every case with the highest level of sensitivity and privacy.

As a compact and dedicated team of specialists, our position affords us the agility to adapt and cater to the specific demands of your organisation, regardless of your size or budget.

Investigations pursuant to Codes of Conduct, Policies, or Legislation:

These investigations are initiated based on allegations or complaints made by one party against another, often concerning breaches of codes of conduct or statutory protections.

The investigations are conducted independently, with the aim of providing a fair and unbiased assessment of the allegations.

The investigation report is typically shared with the organisation, the complainant, and the respondent, although it may remain confidential beyond these parties.

stopsexualmisconduct.co.uk explicitly states that it does not provide legal advice to any party involved in the investigation to maintain its independence and impartiality.

Public Inquiries or Reviews:

These investigations are conducted with the intention of transparency and accountability, often initiated by governments, public institutions, or organisations during times of crisis.

The investigations involve writing a report, making recommendations, and committing to making the findings public.

Participants are informed about the process, rules, and terms of reference of the investigation, ensuring transparency and fairness.

The leader of the initiative does not act as a legal representative for any party involved and focuses on seeking the truth and providing recommendations for improvement rather than disciplinary action.

Overall, stopsexualmisconduct.co.uk emphasises the importance of independence, transparency, and integrity in conducting investigations, whether initiated by private organisations or public entities. This approach ensures that the investigations are fair, objective, and focused on achieving the truth and promoting accountability.

SSML Introduction Brochure PDF

New legal liabilities for employers to prevent sexual harassment within the workplace.

Legal Cases

Handling a Legal Case? Depend on the Experts.

stopsexualmisconduct.co.uk offers litigation support to solicitors and barristers, who are handling sexual misconduct in the workplace cases, by assisting with investigations and performing witness interviews and assessments for criminal and civil proceedings. With our extensive experience in managing sexual misconduct cases in the courtroom, we skillfully and confidently help you to navigate unfamiliar processes.

Our team has significant experience in representing clients in a public inquiry as well as other types of investigation. This experience runs throughout our company. It means that we can quickly mobilise a team that has had practical experience in inquiries and investigative work.

Furthermore, our consultants have supported us in this chosen sector for more than 30 years. This means that we can offer not just technical expertise as litigators, but also a vast experience of the type of disputes that arise when dealing with sexual misconduct in the workplace, and the best means of resolving them.

With this vast expertise and experience, we see the bigger picture: the consequences of a drawn-out dispute, the effect on long-standing business relationships within the workforce, and the legal arguments and evidence associated with each case that we engage with.

Reduce risk with detailed background and pre-employment investigations

Standard background checks and employment investigations can miss vital pieces of information that you need to make smart business decisions. From hiring and client onboarding to monitoring adherence and employee contracts, we provide the details and analysis that you need to make an informed decision.

Hiring new employees brings new risks. Businesses that rely on automated services for background checks, will risk missing the red flags which a skilled analyst’s thorough review may uncover.

Our experienced team surveys many types of records, verifies professional and educational qualifications, and provides context and background to a potential new employee’s personal history. The results of our research are then compiled into a ‘prospect portrait’ that enables you to assess a candidate’s qualifications, evaluate any potential red flags, and make effective recruitment decisions.

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Protect your business and employees from sexual harassment within the workplace.

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