After-dinner and Keynote Speakers that Motivate, Inspire and Educate’s motivational speakers, professional keynote speakers, guest conference and after-dinner speakers will provide your guests and delegates with an alternative, yet inspiring, educational speaking experience on a matter that concerns us all. Our carefully curated team of talented speakers offer expert insight into what is seen as a contentious issue relating to sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and sexual offences.

Our experienced, confident and eloquent speakers deliver informative and thought-provoking presentations focusing on this notoriously complex, and often misunderstood, area within the workplace.

Without question, our keynote speakers will become an integral component at a variety of business events. Willing to share their personal journey, lessons learnt, and their experience in the industry which has helped companies to evolve, our speakers provide inspiration and practical tools for audience members. Their approachable and professional manner will perfectly complement your event whilst educating your guests and delegates on this delicate topic.

We’re sure you’ll find us a little different; providing a down to earth, jargon-free approach to such a complex topic whilst simultaneously ensuring that your delegates are fully engaged with a subject that can be awkward to broach. will provide a professional and engaging service that can make a huge, positive difference to your business. So, if you are planning a corporate event or dinner with a guest speaker, and you would like further details about our keynote speakers or have any questions, please contact our team to learn more.

SSML Introduction Brochure PDF

New legal liabilities for employers to prevent sexual harassment within the workplace.

Protect your business and employees from sexual harassment within the workplace.

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